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Our mission is to make aesthetics friendly, dynamic, and personable. We are passionate about the idea that beauty is timeless, and you can feel confident at any age.  Evolve offers creative solutions like our membership packages to help patients make aesthetic treatments a part of their daily life. No matter your age, problem, gender, or starting point, Evolve is here to help.

Always remember….  you never know what is possible until you ask. We are not just another spa. Evolve is truly your partner in the never-ending battle for beauty.

Lumecca IPL Laser

Experience the power of Lumecca IPL Laser: the ultimate skin treatment for flawless, radiant skin. This intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy effortlessly eliminates spider veins and vascular lesions, sun spots, pigmented spots, and age spots leaving you with a complexion that's truly captivating. Discover the magic of photothermolysis, a mesmerizing light treatment that guarantees noticeable improvements after just one session. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a luminous glow with Lumecca.

lumecca ipl laser
lumecca ipl laser
lumecca ipl laser
lumecca ipl laser

Benefits of Lumecca IPL Treatments

In just 1 to 3 sessions, Lumecca improves the appearance of
  • Age spots (red/brown pigmented lesions)
  • Vascular lesions such as facial telangiectasias (broken blood vessels) and poikiloderma
  • Rosacea (redness)
  • Freckles (Lentigo)
  • Sun damage

How Quickly Will I See Results?
Sun damage and skin complexion results are noticeable a few days after the first treatment session. The skin will continue to look younger and more brilliant over time with the most visible results after 1-2 weeks. Having more than one photo facial session will enhance the final result. For vascular treatments such as facial telangiectasias, results can be seen in up to 2 weeks

No recovery time or downtime is needed after a session. The most common side effect after treatment is a local skin reaction, which usually resolves within a few hours. Patients may experience a sensitivity to sunlight immediately after treatment, so it is best to avoid direct sunlight and tanning.

How Many Sessions Are Required?
Although an improved skin appearance can be seen after the first treatment session, multiple sessions provide even better results. The treatment plan depends on the severity of skin damage, skin type, type of treatment (pigmentation versus vascular), and energy settings.

What Areas Can be Treated?
Lumecca can be used on most areas of the body. The most common areas of treatment are locations that are frequently exposed to the sun. This often includes the face, neck, décolletage, legs, hands, and arms.

What Precautions Must Be Taken Before the Procedure?
Any treatment location should avoid direct, excessive sun exposure or tanning for at least one month before using Lumecca

Is it Painful?
The procedure is relatively painless. Should you need we can ensure your comfort with a topical cream will be applied to the treatment area and let to sit for 45 minutes. When the procedure begins, you might feel a slight rubber band snapping-like sensation followed by a feeling of warmth. The advanced technology of Lumecca provides controlled and consistent laser delivery allowing for uniform treatment and results. Should you need more comfort, we offer laughing gas to those who may need that extra comfort!

What Should I Expect During and After Lumecca?
During a Lumecca treatment, there will be bright flashes of light that will feel like an elastic band against your skin. It is normal to experience warming and redness during the first hour. During the first 1-2 days, the pigmented spots will become darker. During the first few weeks, the pigmented lesions peel off and skin tone begins to even out. During the first few days after treating vascular lesions, you may notice the blood vessel blanch and disappear or possibly a color change in the blood vessel.

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