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I.V. Hydration Therapy


Weight Management

Tired of feeling worn down and depleted? Revitalize your energy levels with Evolve Health's IV drip therapy cocktails! Our expertly blended vitamins, minerals, electrolytes & add-ons provide powerful pick-me-ups tailored to fit your unique needs - from rehydrating after a hard workout to bouncing back post travel. Step into our office for an instant boost!

Our unique IV drip therapies offer instant results in rehydration, nutrient replenishment and pain management. Plus, with a 100% absorption rate you can count on feeling your best quickly! These IV drip therapies go beyond aesthetics too; they have anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful for combating arthritis or allergies that coincide with the change of seasons.

syringe on table in front of a pear a green apple and a red apple

Get your vitamins and nutrients in one, fast infusion with IV drip therapy. Unlike orally ingested supplements which have to pass through the digestive system for absorption and may cause unwanted stomach upset when taken in large quantities – IV infusions offer a direct route into the body ensuring maximum nutrient intake bypassing any potential issues associated with digestion or limited absorption capability due to underlying conditions.

Unfamiliar with IV drip therapy? At Evolve Health we make it easy to get started. Simply determine which area of focus is important for you – from increasing energy, anti-aging and immunity benefits, to improving workout recovery – there’s something here for everyone! If your needs span multiple areas of focus, our team will help tailor the perfect package so you take advantage of all that IV drip therapy has to offer.



  • Feeds Cells More Efficiently
  • Supports Cell Growth and Development
  • Neutralizes Harmful Free Radicals
  • Strengthens Immune System

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Saves Money

Maximizes Results

Experience All the Benefits

Tailored for You

Our friendly, qualified, medical professiona team will take such good care of you that you will want us to keep coming back

We make sure you get the best outcome possible with best quality vitamins and minerals from our accredited compounding pharmacies

Most infusions last 45 mins. Some may take longer depending on any add-ons or medications administered. The goal is not speed, but safety and effectiveness.

It really depends on you, your needs and the infusion. If you are in the Florida sun daily and dehydrated you can get hydration daily. The effects of many infusions last upwards of two weeks so that may work for you. The more beauty infusions received the better the results and so on. It’s really tailored to your desired outcomes.

We understand there are many ingredients…Vitamin C, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAD+….etc. These may be confusing. I would suggest your read our blog section and search online for information regarding our ingredients. However, as any provider should be, our expertly trained staff is well aware of the benefits, side effects and contraindications of our ingredients, so you can ask us as well!